Fraisier Inspired Dessert

Fraisier inspired dessert
1 sponge( 8 inch)

3 tbls strawberry jam

1 large punnet strawberries

600ml double cream

3 tbls icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla
1 sponge cake slice in half through the middle

Place the top of the cake cut side up into 8″ spring form tin
Bush with strawberry jam

Place strawberries, cut in half around the out side.

Whip 600ml double cream with 3 tbls icing sugar and 1 tsp vanilla till very thick take out 1/4 and keep aside add some chopped strawberries to the rest.

Place the cream mix onto the cake in the tin and smooth out place the other half of the cake with the bottom of the cake on top.

Use the leftover cream to cover the top and decorate as you like. Place in fridge till need.

Open springform tin carefully and place dessert in serving plate.


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