Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish made of strained yogurt. Often served with Puri. Shrikhand has a thick creamy consistency. It is rich, smooth and sweet.
To make Shrikhand I either us full fat Greek yogurt or the 10% fat
Turkish yogurt. I also like to mix it with the full fat plain yogurt as this provides a slight tang to the flavour. Saffron is also added for flavour,


1 kg Greek/Turkish Yogurt
500gm plain full fat yogurt
1½/ 2cups castor sugar
½tsp elachi/cardamom powder
A pinch of Saffron (optional)
Almonds blanched, peeled and sliced
Pistachios blanched, peeled and roughly ground


• Tie the yogurt in a piece of muslin and place in a sieve overnight over a bowl, in a refrigerator, to drain.
• Transfer the drained yogurt into a mixing bowl. I use my Kenwood chef.
• Add the sugar in small batches and whisk, until all the sugar has dissolved.
• If using saffron mix it with a tbls of milk and add to Shrikhand
• Add the elachi/cardamom powder; mix well and chill in the refrigerator.
• Serve chilled, decorated with the almonds and pistachios.


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