Coriander ( Dhanya) chutney recipe

Coriander ( Dhanya) chutney recipe

Indian Chutney is freshly made and served, it is not a preserve or a pickle

Coriander ( Dhanya) chutney recipe
1 bunch fresh coriander (cilantro or dhanya)
4 cloves garlic
8 green chillies
2 tsp cumin powder (jeera powder)
1/2 tsp salt ( or as required)
½ cup water
1. In a blender or chutney grinder, add all the ingredients. Use the whole of the coriander including the stalk.
2. Blend or grind all the ingredients till smooth. add more salt if required.
3.  Coriander chutney  can be stored  in the refrigerator for a few days.
4. Chutney can be frozen, pour into a tray and freeze overnight. Once frozen break up into 2 inch pieces and store in a zip lock bag in the freezer till needed.

From this basic Dhanya Chutney you can make may different and taste variations

  • Mint and dhanya chutney , replace half the coriander/dhanya with fresh mint leaves.
  • Mint chutney replace all the coriander/ dhanya with fresh mint
  • Coriander and lemon/lime chutney, replace the water with the lemon /lime juice.
  • Spicy fruit chutney, add grated or pureed fruit eg mango, apple, peaches etc.
  • Tomato chutney, skin 4 tomatoes and blend in the grinder with 1/2 of the basic coriander/dhanya chutney.
  • Yogurt chutney, add 3 tblp of the chutney to  1 cup yogurt. perfect with Indian savouries like samosas and pakoras.
  • Date chutney,  add 1 cup chopped dates  and lemon juice to the chutney  and grind in the blender till smooth, may need to add a bit of water to get a smooth chutney.

There are many different ways to use this very versatile chutney.

Have fun x


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